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S2E9 - Big Fish Small Pond vs Small Fish in Big Pond - Guitar Podcast

What's a better long term strategy? How does social media change that?

Episode Notes

Adam and Tim discuss the pluses and minuses of the long term strategy of essentially getting good gigs in small cities vs getting bad gigs in big cities.

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S2E8 - Did the LA, Nashville, NY Studio Scene ruin the music industry?

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Episode Notes

Oh, we've gone and done it... picked a controversial topic to come back for. Thanks for those sticking around and know that we love the amazing studio guitarists out there. But this is a take on the homogenization of album releases...and whether that is good for music or not (to have the same people playing on all the different albums).

But in other news, thanks to Truefire.com for adding us to their Top 25 Guitar Podcasts of 2022. It appears our "complaining" finally paid off. Ha.

The intro song is from a live performance of Stellar Regions playing "Tricycle" which features an interlude of King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man.

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S2E7 - You're welcome and so many other random topics

Episode Notes

We're back. You're welcome.... (not about us, but for discussing some unbelievable guitarists you need to check out)

Check out Dusan Bogdonavic, Scott Henderson, and so much more on this episode,

Opening track - Stellar Regions performing "Seventeen Wheeler" Live.

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S2E6 - New Projects and how the spectacle wins again. Wood Air Metal Guitar Podcast

Episode Notes

New Projects and how the spectacle wins again. Wood Air Metal Guitar Podcast Season 2 Episode 6 Thanks for the support FeedSpot! #9 Guitar Podcast to check out in 2022! https://blog.feedspot.com/guitar_podcasts/

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S2E5 - Don't be a crappy bandmate. And other grievences

Why is melody being forgotten in more complex heavy music???

Episode Notes

I think the name sums it up. We get into this and other pet peeves.

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S2E4 - Does the wood matter for electric guitars? and more tales on this week-Wood Air Metal Guitar Podcast

And Korn talk? 80s vs 90s guitar?

Episode Notes

Adam and Tim revisit some Korn? And then so many other guitary things, and then we talk about the now popular video where it's demonstrated that electric guitar might not actually have anything to do with the wood....


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Where does Tone come from? Mostly pickups??

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S2E3 - Is Old Music Killing New Music? And new year catchup-

Episode Notes

Our first recorded episode of the year. We dive deep into the Atlantic article "Is old music killing new music?" https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/01/old-music-killing-new-music/621339/ It's the talk of the town. We also talk a bit how that intersects with Vernon Reid's interview on Greg Koch's podcast, plus so many more discussions going on. As you know... it's been an explosive topic in the music world. We conclude effectively... money talks and people hate change. Be sure to subscribe, like, hit the bell and more. Find us on your favorite podcast host for the audio only versions.

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S2E2 - Copy the way the best practice - Interview John Marcel Williams -

Classical Guitarist Interview

Episode Notes

Season 2 Episode 2 interview with master classical guitarist John Marcel Williams. https://www.johnmarcelwilliams.com

A lot of insight in this episode as we talk to one of the rising stars of the classical guitar world, and child prodigy. John talks about studying with some of the best in the business, as well as tips from the greatest players in the world and life as a classical guitarist. Plus we get into competitions and more.

Opening piece performed by John Marcel Williams - Regondi Etude #4

John's Bio: Award winning artist, John Marcel Williams, is establishing a reputation as both a virtuoso concert artist, and devoted teacher. By age 16 he had garnered over 20 prizes at competitions, including the first prize at the Boston Guitar Festival youth competition, Rosario Guitar Festival, Classical Minds Guitar Festival, and the second prize at the international Guitar Foundation of America young artist competition. In addition he was awarded first prize at the James Stroud competition and won the Pittsburgh Concert Society Audition.

John's unique musicality and refined technique can be seen in his performances. He is frequently invited to play and teach at venues across the United States as well as internationally. In 2018, John toured Panama as a guest artist for the Panama Guitar Festival where he not only performed but gave masterclasses and adjudicated for the Panama Guitar Competition. Other engagements include solo recitals at Oberlin College and Moravian College and he was a guest artist for the 2019/20 season of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society. John Marcel has made numerous media appearances on various radio and TV programs, most notably performing on NPR’s program, “From the Top,” where he was also awarded the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award.

Most recently, in 2019 John debuted with the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro John Devlin, performing Elmer Bernstein’s Guitar Concerto. John began to study the guitar at age 10 and his talents were quickly noticed by the late Aron Shearer, who encouraged him to continue his pursuit as a classical guitarist.

John went on to study with Stephen Aron at the Oberlin Conservatory at age 13, under whose guidance he began to gain attention winning competitions across the United States. He also spent a summer studying at the Aspen Music Festival after an invitation from Sharon Isbin, professor of guitar at the Julliard School. Williams started his collegiate studies with Manuel Barrueco at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in 2011, and received both his undergraduate and masters degree in guitar performance. Since the fall of 2018, John has continued his studies at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia under the tutelage of Grammy award winning artist Jason Vieaux and David Starobin.

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S2E1 - Interview with Classical guitar Maestro Stephen Aron

We're back for season 2!! Can you believe it? So many great new episodes coming up!!

Episode Notes

Adam and Tim bring classical guitar performer, teacher, composer, arranger, hustler....Stephen Aron to the show.

We have learned so much from Steve, and continue to.

Steve's Bio:

Described by the New York Times as “cultivated and musical,” Stephen Aron performs regularly throughout the US, Canada and Europe. An active composer and arranger, his work is published by Tuscany Editions (“wonderful guitaristic arrangement,” American Music Teacher), Mel Bay Publications (“historic,” Guitart) and Clear Note Publications (“a book to be ignored at your peril,” Classical Guitar). Clear Note also recently published several of Mr. Aron’s original compositions (“imaginative, adventurous, effortlessly entertaining,” Classical Guitar). He has released thirteen publications, totaling nearly 600 pages of music.

Aron’s recordings have been described as “stunning” (Guitar Review), “superbly produced” (Soundboard), “warmly recommended” (Fanfare) and “inspired” (Classical Guitar). Notably, most of the works on his nine CD’s are either original arrangements, original compositions, or premiere recordings of the works of others. His recordings and publications of thirty Lieder ohne Worte by Felix Mendelssohn and the complete Chopin Mazurkas, both for solo guitar, were industry firsts. Aron’s most recent releases, One Fell Swoop and A Musical Congeries are collections of new original works for solo guitar. He is a dedicated chamber music advocate, and maintains a regular duo with his wife, soprano JoNell Aron, and another with flutist Jane Berkner. He plays frequently with mixed chamber ensembles both traditional and new music.

Aron has adjudicated numerous national and international competitions and has been a repeat guest, giving performances, lectures and master classes at Guitar Foundation of America Conventions, Stetson Guitar Workshops, Portland Guitar Festivals, Eastman Guitar Festivals, Rantucci Guitar Festivals, Alexandria Guitar Festivals, the National Summer Guitar Workshops, the Eastern Carolina University Guitar Festivals, the Sauble Beach Guitar Festivals and the Appalachian Guitar Festivals as well as at the Yale Guitar Extravaganza, the Ithaca College Winter Guitar Festival, the Eastern Tennessee Guitar Festival, the Montreal Guitar Festival, the New York Guitar Seminar, the Miami International Guitar Festival, the Mediterranean Guitar Festival, the Scotland Classical Guitar Retreat, the TAMU Guitar Symposium and others.

Recently, Aron has been a guest at guitar festivals in Iserlohn, Germany and Sorrento, Italy, and has appeared on recital series across Italy as well as in France and Denmark. Aron was Professor of Music at the University of Akron from 1981 until his retirement in 2015; he continues as Teacher of Classical Guitar and founder of the classical guitar studies program at Oberlin, where he joined the faculty in 1992. His blog, located here, is one of the most-read classical guitar resources on the web.

Please check his website out for more information and access to blogs, recordings, books, lessons etc... at http://www.stephenaron.net

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S1E37 - Season 1 Recap - Guitar talk - New build - praciting - What's coming...

New Archtop Build forthcoming

Episode Notes

Oh my oh my oh my.

With the end of the year upon us and the end of a year of Wood Air Metal guitar podcast, we just wanted to take the time to sum up some things and ultimately just get off on tangents like always.

Friends of our show have released their latest record now Spherical Agenda and Brandon Scott Coleman. You know Matt Hollenberg is releasing stuff, Jim Marron is gigging, Mark Worrell is talking about Spectacles and Petrucci guitars, and Heath Malyuk is saving ears one ear at a time...Zaza is just killing obviously

We feel very fortunate for the time and attention and can't wait for you to see some of the awesome guests we have coming up for next season. Cheers and thanks for all the fish ;-)

and mind us during the holiday season, we'll try to sneak an episode in or 2, otherwise. Happy holidays!

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